The Queen Charlotte Heritage Housing Society (QCHHS) and the Queen Charlotte Housing Development Society (QCHDS) are sister societies in Queen Charlotte. They have been providing subsidized and affordable housing in the community since 1982.  The mandate of both societies, who share the same Board of Directors, is to provide affordable housing for seniors, people with disabilities and those with low-incomes in the local community.

The Heritage Housing Society owns or operates several properties in Queen Charlotte:

  1. ​Heritage House is a 10 unit independent living building for seniors aged 65
    and older.

  2. Alder House/Kal Naay is a 19 unit supportive living project, currently under construction.

  3. Cedar Place is a 4 unit independent living building, currently under renovation.

  4. Martin Manor is a 4 unit assisted living facility.

  5. Three detached family homes located throughout the Village. 

Housing Projects


Heritage House


Martin Manor


Family Homes


Alder House (Kal Naay)


Cedar Place

Ph: 250-559-8800

Revised May 2020